Free Happy Animals

An awesomely fun animal puzzle game (or, “animuzzle” game??) for kids and adults who are still kids at heart ;)
With graphics that are as sweet as candy, crush boredom and get playing the next big game today!

See how many happy animals you can set free… It’s the impossible game to resist!

Everything You’re Looking for in a New 3-in-a-Row Puzzle Game

Looking for a new app that perfectly combines simple problem solving and loads of cute characters? No need to prune through the app store for hours looking for the perfect match - Free Happy Animals is an exciting puzzle game of warm, fuzzy critters and non-stop fun for any age that combines addicting thrills with challenging yet simple gameplay! And best of all, no need to wipeout your wallet – it’s free!

You can get playing for free right now by checking it out in the App Store or on Google Play!

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Fantastic Features

  • You will enjoy countless hours of fun over 50 levels.
  • Cute animal graphics to become friends with.
  • No angry birds in these puzzles – just happy animals to keep you smiling!
  • Exotic, beautiful background landscapes to visit in every level.
  • Original score to keep you jazzed about playing.
  • You will find it easy and fun to play, yet challenging to master.
  • 5 helpful boosters that are your lifeline in an emergency.
  • Free Happy Animals is completely free to play.

The Story

Once upon a time, an innocent group of cuddly creatures was strolling along through the woods with their heads up and their hopes high. For Rabbit, Deer, Owl, and Duck, life was good, until all of a sudden they found themselves captured! A flock of angry birds wanted to keep them captive with no hope of escape…

Well, almost no hope – that’s where you come in!

Now that these animals are in limbo, it’s your job to set them free and give them the room they need to be happy. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun…

How to play

Heads up, these animals are coming down! All you have to do is line them 3-in-a-row to start scoring! Just move them left and right as they fall and try to build the biggest combinations possible.

Try it and see – it’s as addicting as candy – crush the top score and keep trying to improve it until you’re the Free Happy Animals master! Download and play for free today!

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