A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC), Now AVAILABLE FOR iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Phones and Tablets.

A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC) playground1

Fun Driven Releases a Family Friendly Cubes-Based Logical Game for up to Four Players.

Bürs, Austria—July 14, 2015—Gather up with your friends or wake up the kids and enjoy a fun time with A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC). Fun Driven announced today that AMGOC is now available worldwide as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

AMGOC is a cubes-based, logical game for one to four players on a single device. The goal is simple: Conquer the playground. The player who occupies the whole playground wins.

"AMGOC is like the board game classics Othello/Reversi on steroids," says Michael Holl, lead developer at FunDriven.com. "The gameplay is easy to understand thanks to the in-game tutorial."

Speaking of gameplay: Every player places one cube each turn. Cubes can be placed on vacant positions or onto another cube that shares the color of the turning player, in which case the number of pips on the cube is increased by one. Each cube has a maximum number of pips it can contain. If the number of pips exceeds the limit, the cube jumps over and changes the color and number of pips of any adjacent cube. This again may cause an adjacent cube to jump over and ultimately lead to an unpredictable chain reaction, which is part of what makes the game such a challenge.

"There's something inherently fun about AMGOC—it's the hard-to-predict effects of the chain reactions which makes the game almost impossible to know who wins until the very end. It delights kids and adults alike while subconsciously training the players in logical and combined thinking."


  • A simple, kid-tested and approved gameplay.
  • Artificial intelligence that adjusts itself to the player’s skill to keep each single player game a challenge.
  • It plays well on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and on Android phones and tablets.
  • It is available worldwide and translated into English, German and Japanese.
  • AMGOC is completely free—without in-app purchases and without ads!

A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC) is available as a free download from the following marketplaces:

For more information on Fun Driven and to learn more about AMGOC, please visit their website http://fundriven.com/amgoc. For the latest social updates, you can follow them on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook.

About Fun Driven:

Fun Driven is an international team of independent game developers from Austria, Japan, Dubai and Scotland. Their headquarters are based in Austria, a beautiful little country in the centre of Europe, best known for Mozart, Swarovski, and Arnold Schwarzenegger but, unfortunately, without any kangaroos.

Media Contact

Michael Holl, Chief Fun Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+43 664 344 33 33


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Gameplay Video


A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC)
iOS, Android
Release date:
July 14, 2015
Fun Driven
Based in Bürs, Austria
Founding date:
May, 2013
Gameplay video:


Press Contact:

Michael Holl
+43 664 344 33 33




Judavollastr. 6A/6
A-6706 Bürs (Austria/Europe)

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