A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes (AMGOC)

A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes - The strangely addictive multiplayer strategy game!

En 2 Playground

When we first started kicking around the idea for a cube-based multiplayer strategy game, all of our friends laughed. So if you’re thinking “great, cubes, what’s so special about them” you wouldn’t be alone.

But we’d bet our last dollar that if you actually sat down to play AMCOG, you’d have a hard time pulling yourself away. How do we know that? Because that’s exactly what happened to all of our friends, when we convinced them to give it a try.

AMGOC is a cube-based strategy game for up to four players on one device. The goal is simple: Conquer the playground. The player who occupies the whole playground wins.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. But you’d be a fool if you thought that “simple” meant “easy.” And that’s the secret ingredient that makes AMCOG so addictive. It SHOULD be easy--why can’t I beat this freaking game?!--but it’s not.

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En 4 Playground
How many people do you need to play?
You can definitely play against the computer, but AMGOC is most fun with friends. It’s right in the name! Gather up your crew for up to four players on each device.
But... what if I become hopelessly addicted, and want to keep playing after my friends go home?
No problem! The artificial intelligence is more like an artificial genius--it adjusts itself to your skill, so each of your single-player games will be a challenge.
Is there... a support group for this?
Not exactly. But there IS an interactive tutorial to show you how to beat your friends. Which might fall more under the category of enabling...
Are we going to be able to play this quickly, or are we going to spend all night learning the rules? And is it really going to keep us entertained?
The rules are simple, and we’ll eat our own socks if you don’t love it. AMGOC is simpler than nine men's morris, faster than ludo and more surprising than chess. Just see for yourself…

Install A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes now and you will enjoy countless hours of fun.

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